Crapitals v. Rangers, Game 3

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Fandom, Hockey
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Washington Capitals Logo

It’s no shame to win a playoff series in more than 4 games, so the fact that the Crapitals lost this one game, by itself, isn’t a problem. The problem is that this loss represents the same old song and dance.

  • A scoreless 1st period where the Crapitals, a clearly superior team, just can’t seem to get started.
  • A hot goalie incapable of being solved at home.
  • A loss.
  • Imagine how different the third period would have been if the Crapitals had scored just one goal in the first period. The Rangers would have been playing catch up, and they likely would have eventually pulled their goalie, Lundqvist, who’s the only person on the team the Crapitals can’t handle.

    This is getting old. The Crapitals must win game 4, or they will find a way to lose this series.

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