Crapitals v. Rangers, Game 4

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Fandom, Hockey
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Washington Capitals Logo

A scoreless first period, a disastrous second period, a desperate third period run, and a well-timed power play in the third on which you can’t generally rely. Don’t talk to me about a “gutsy performance.” This is not what a Stanley Cup champion does when faced with a #8 seed.

As always, I’m glad they won, and there’s no chance of me ever transferring my loyalty. I’m no fair weather fan (which I find un-American), and I’ve been a fan of the team literally as long as they’ve existed. I will be a Craps fan for the rest of my life. There are also some good things to take from this game; how could there not be? A double-overtime thriller is always enjoyable. In general, I have no problem with defensive struggle. It’s also sweet when your guy wins it. The feeling of relief can be overwhelming.

However, as someone with professional political experience, I’m no stranger to criticizing my own team when they continue to disappoint, and this playoff season has disappointment written all over it. Everything good you can say about this game, and the series as a whole, can be said about the Montreal series last year. We blew a 3-1 lead in that series. Overall, that nets to “bad” as far as I’m concerned.

Or we could win game 5 and have a week off. My fingers are crossed.

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