Admit It: As a Franchise, the Washington Crapitals Suck.

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Fandom, Hockey
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I’m sick of this. Every year, it’s the same crap. This year, we finally get past the first round and — WHAM! — we’re swept out like a team that didn’t belong in the playoffs in the first place. I’m sick of people saying, “At least Washington has one winning team: the Caps.” Really? How many championships have they ever won? Even the Bullets have an NBA championship on their record. DC United has four without a fan base. To all those that said to me last year, the year before, etc., that next year will be our year, you just sound stupid at this point. Really, you sound like the robots from Futurama after their failed hunt for humans.

“Well that makes 146,000 unsuccessful hunts in a row. But I’ve got a good feeling about tomorrow.”

Don’t try to apologize or make excuses for these clowns. They got beat. Again. They aren’t serious about winning. They’ve already got their money and all the loose women that brings. Alex Ovechkin is something special, but hockey is a team sport. Teams win Stanley Cups. This team never will.


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  1. kesseljunkie says:

    I understand your hurt. Being a Caps fan has to be like being an Eagles fan: always a bridesmaid, never a bride. New stars, new coaching, new ownership — nothing ever seems to get them past that hump. It’s got to be frustrating.

    But to be fair, the ‘Skins are locked in this same pattern. Maybe – and I mean MAYBE 2-3 years from now we start to see them do something, but not unless Snyder gets bankrupted somehow.

    As for the Bullards…why do they even care? No one else does. I imagine attendance at their game resembles the WNBA at this point.

    While I’m not a hockey fan, I hate it when the team from “my” city gets hosed. I want the sports teams at least to “represent.”

  2. kesseljunkie says:

    Oh, and mad props on the Futurama reference. Always a win!

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