Dana, You’re So Crazy, Part II

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Journalism, MMA
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Here’s a follow up to my post on Dana White in light of current events. Ariel Helwani has a nice piece on the battle between the UFC and the state of NY. It’s a long article, so I’ll summarize the main points here:

1. Mixed martial arts (“MMA”) is regulated in every state except Vermont, Connecticut, and New York. Connecticut will likely start to regulate MMA by the end of 2011. New York bars MMA by statute. The others just choose not to regulate it and presumably would view such events as assault or battery (CT | VT).

2. The Fertitta brothers own a majority of Zuffa, LLC, which owns the UFC. They also own Station Casinos, which employs 14,000 food service employees in Nevada.

3. Culinary Union Local 226, which consists of over 60,000 members working in the food service industry in Nevada, has been trying to get Station Casinos “to go union” for 15 years without any success.

4. UNITE HERE owns the Culinary Union Local 226, and UNITE HERE has been lobbying in NY against MMA.

5. Zuffa claims that this is a back door way to attack Station Casinos. UNITE HERE says that’s ridiculous.

This is, at some level, a “he said, she said” case, so the weight of the evidence could be a determining factor in its outcome. Fantastic insurance policies aside, who are the legislators going to believe? Not the guy who calls them pussies, faggots, or assholes; that’s certain.


Think about it, Dana.

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  1. kesseljunkie says:

    Yeah…yeah. Yeah. *sigh* So maybe they just need to bring Fight Night back to the Patriot Center so I can go again. 🙂

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