UFC 130 Postmortem

Posted: May 29, 2011 in MMA

Rob v. Jason

So, let’s see how I did in the fight I’ve picked with Jason Probst of Sherdog. I’m keeping my comments brief, as there are a couple other issues to discuss. In short:


Jackson over Hamil by decision
We both picked Jackson, but Probst picked a decision. He holds the tiebreaker.
Rob 1-0, Jason 1-0

Mir over Nelson by decision
I was planning to write a scathing article about why Nelson’s weight is no longer funny. This article did it for me rather nicely.
Rob 2-0, Jason 1-1

Story over Alves by decision
In how I predicted the fight to go, I got absolutely everything right … except the winner. Fine, but I’m taking back the tiebreaker. We’re both even.
Rob 2-1, Jason 2-1

Stann over Santiago by KO
Again, I predicted everything right except the round in which Stann would knock out Santiago.
Rob 3-1, Jason 2-2

Johnson over Torres by decision
Quit your whining, Stephan Bonner. Johnson played by the rules, controlled the fight, and was aggressive. This isn’t a jiu-jitsu tournament. Johnson won.
Rob 4-1, Jason 3-2

Boetsch over Grove by decision
I’m tempted to take back the tie breaker due to Jason’s noncommital “Boetsch by decision, KO, TKO, flu bug, or natural disaster” prediction, but that wouldn’t be fair.
Rob 4-2, Jason 4-2

Pegado over Escovedo by decision
I’m tempted to give Jason the tie breaker again because I used Pegado’s nickname (“Barao”) as his surname, but again, I won’t do that.
Rob 5-2, Jason 5-2

Tibau over Oliveria by submission
I regret not having been able to watch this fight.
Rob 6-2, Jason 6-2


Struve over Browne by KO
Oops. Question: How is it possible to throw three punches that miss Struve because they go too high? Amazing.
Rob 6-3, Jason 6-3

McDonald over Cariaso by decision
Reminder: I didn’t pick.
Rob 6-3, Jason 7-3

Jason has the better percentage because I didn’t pick one of the fights. However, for what it’s worth, I have the better record on the main card. Also, Yves Edwards (1-7) and Ben Fowlkes (3-4) made some picks, and they look ridiculous today. In my defeat, I choose to focus on that.

Roy Nelson: It Isn’t Funny Anymore

I can’t help but write a little on this despite linking to an article that expresses much of my concerns. Roy’s got a colorful, likeable personality, and that’s helped his minor league career, but this is the UFC. If he wants to be a major league player, he needs to lose weight. If he doesn’t, Dana would be foolish not to fire him. Dana can still make money off of an obese Nelson through Strikeforce if that’s the issue.

Lose weight or leave town.


To refresh your memories, I’ve been an MMA fan since the first days of the UFC and worked for Battlecade’s Extreme Fighting organization. I’ve seen it all. One of the early personalities that annoyed the crap out of me was a guy that now escorts fighters to the ring.

Why? Because he’s also this guy:

Video (red jacket making an ass of himself at 1:04)

His behavior the entire night of UFC 3 was as embarrassing as Roy Nelson’s weight; perhaps more. You can see him bouncing outside the ring while Howard is bouncing to stay warm for his upcoming fight (at 0:30). To get a better shot of the guy, check out Jorge Santiago’s entrance to the ring last night for UFC 130. He escorted him. He was standing to Jorge’s left (so the right side of the screen). He’s a hanger on that never really added anything to the sport. If anything, he detracted from it by turning it into a spectacle. When I met him, everything I assumed about him turned out to be true. I don’t know why he has a job. Granted, he’s no longer “managing”; a nutless monkey could do what he does.


Still, with a personality like he has, he should be shown the door. I don’t wish unemployment on anyone, but certain people aren’t right for certain jobs … or in this case, organizations or industries. For his earlier behavior, he shouldn’t be allowed to sweep the floors.

If you’re wondering why I gave him the nickname, Frenchie, it’s because he was once making a particular ass of himself while wearing a beret. The French people should declare him an enemy of the state.

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