UFC 131 Postmortem: My Dominance Continues

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Journalism, MMA
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Fist things first. I went 10-2 (83%) tonight. This includes a very tight decision loss by Demian Maia but also an apparent case of highway robbery of Om-i-GOD-wa, so I’m not claiming any moral victories on this one.

How did the experts do? Most of their picks can be found here, but Jason Probst’s picks are here.

Jon Anik, the host of “MMA Live,” 3-1 (75%)
Josh Gross, who covers MMA for ESPN.com, 3-1 (75%)
Franklin McNeil, who covers MMA and boxing for ESPN.com, 4-0 (100%)
Chuck Mindenhall, who covers MMA for ESPN.com and is a features writer at FIGHT! magazine, 3-1 (75%)
Brett Okamoto, who covers MMA for ESPN.com, 4-0 (100%)
Darius Ortiz, MMA editor for ESPN.com, 3-1 (75%)

That’s right. These guys didn’t have the guts to pick the prelims, and they didn’t even pick the entire main card.

Lastly, my arch-nemesis (who probably doesn’t know I exist), Jason Probst, who writes for Sherdog, 5-6 (45%)

I tweeted Jason to see why he didn’t pick the Soszynski v. Massenzio fight, but he never responded, and I saw no mention of it. That’s why Jason has only 11 picks to my 12.

I’m going to declare that I won this contest. Of course, picking prelims is often nonsense. I’m just trying to make myself look better. With that in mind, I’m also going to declare that I’m supreme overlord of Earth. Send me your money now.

Card Analysis

Dos Santos def. Carwin

I picked this to end in three minutes or less. The reason I was wrong is that I didn’t give “Cigano” credit for being a smart fighter. His strategy was masterful. By the time he gave Carwin even the possibility of a lucky punch, Carwin was expectedly gassed. His last-minute, “just in case” takedowns designed to make sure he won that last round were equally brilliant. Velasquez v. Dos Santos will be a tremendous battle.

Florian def. Nunes

Florian’s promise that he’s going to fight at featherweight again is strange to me. He looked like his frame isn’t built to be so light. Still, his technique was unsolvable to Nunes, so he clearly won this decision. Next time he might not be so successful.

Herman def. Einemo

I didn’t hear it, but Herman apparently insulted the jiu-jitsu world by claiming “jiu-jitsu doesn’t work.” Vitor Belfort took to Twitter and complained. Well, I wouldn’t want to piss off Vitor, but it appeared jiu-jitsu didn’t work in this fight. Of course, that’s not for the reasons Herman said. Einemo has been taking down and submitting minor league fighters. I don’t think he appreciated how much harder it would be in the UFC.

Next up, I want to see Matt Mitrione fight Herman. I don’t know how competitive the fight would be. I just know that both of these guys would be smiling the entire fight.

Munoz def. Maia

Okay, Probst, you’re not crazy, but neither am I. That third round could have gone either way. The fact that Munoz won 30-27 on Nelson Hamilton’s card is disgusting. The Twitterverse agrees with me. Example 1. Example 2. Example 3 (UFC President Dana White!). Nevertheless, I’m not calling for anyone’s head on the overall decision. This was one of several fights tonight that made judging difficult. Congrats to Munoz. Maia should have won by submission, but as I said, he can’t seem to get them anymore even in fights he dominates.

Cerrone def. Rocha

It appeared Rocha had studied the tape and had Cerrone’s number for the first half of round 1. He was able to get in some strong shots to the head, but the superior striker, Cerrone, figured out Rocha’s timing and technique, adjusted, and made a mockery of Rocha’s stand up.

Stout def. Edwards

Wow! I mean really. WOW! Sam Stout assured himself of a place on a future episode of Ultimate Knockouts. As I said in my picks post, I thought he should have been fired a long time ago, but this was his fifth impressive performance in a row. He’s really stepped up his game, so unless he robs a liquor store, he should have a secure place on the UFC roster. Yves Edwards was showing signs of possible seizure, so I hope he’s okay.

Weidman def. Bongfeldt

Still laughing at the “last name” criteron for picking? Really, I kept calling the guy Bogomil all night. He won’t last in the UFC.

Okay, that’s not necessarily true, and that’s not why I picked against him. He’s new to the UFC, and that’s a different game from what he’s used to seeing.

Soszynski def. Massenzio

While we’re on the subject of stupid criteria for picking . . . the consonant heavy portfolio wins again!


An obscure and loose reference, to be sure

I didn’t see the fight, though, so I can’t comment.

Ring def. Head

Didn’t see it. Can’t comment.

Poirier def. Young

Good fight. Very close call. Young needs to find a new barber, though. Wasn’t that mohawk just a bit off-center?


I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he did this on purpose, he's likely an idiot.

Beltran def. Rosa

The only reason Beltran was still employed allowing him to fight this fight, and the only reason Rosa will still be employed after this fight, is because these guys give the crowd exactly what they want: a battle of haymakers. However, Rosa should’ve won this fight. This is more of that arrogant stupidity that I often discuss. Even if you think you can outslug Beltran, why do so? Rosa is apparently a submission expert. We wouldn’t know, though, because he didn’t even try to get this to the ground until doing so was a very bad idea.

Elkins def. Omigawa

Didn’t see this fight, but you know damn sure that I’ll find a way to do so. I heard this was one of the worst decisions since . . . oh, damn. Take your pick. We always have crappy decisions.

Of course, the worst part about this is that 1) I didn’t get to shout, “o-mi-GOD-wa,” and 2) I’ll never get to smell Gina Carano.


There is absolutely no reason for me to include this picture in this post.

A Final Note on Bad Journalism

You knew I wasn’t going to let you get out of this post without be bashing MMAJ (MMA “journalists”). Everything I wrote above I did so in jest because those guys are professionals. Well, once again, the first paragraph of the first article I read after the show has screw ups. I went to the Sherdog article, Matches to Make After UFC 131, and found two word-choice errors in the first paragraph I read. Here’s what Brian Knapp wrote:

A five-round five naturally favors Velasquez, whose supreme conditioning might be the most understated weapon in all of mixed martial arts. Still, Cheick Kongo should Velasquez could be hit, and Dos Santos has proven himself a far more polished and lethal standup fighter than the Frenchman.

Here’s my comment:

You need to correct the two word-choice errors (“five” -> “fight,” “should” -> “showed”) in the Velasquez v. Dos Santos paragraph. Also, the possessive form a word that ends in an ‘s’ but is singular (e.g., “Edwards”) should have an apostrophe and extra ‘s’ on the end. That is, it’s, “Edwards’s,” not, “Edwards’.” Professional writers should care about these details.

Incidentally, he went 8-4 (67%) on his picks. At least he has that going for him, which is nice.


I Love This Guy

FOLLOW-UP EDIT: I was called a “dipshit” by another comment poster for having the nerve to call out a “professional” for his lack of professionalism. You’re welcome, Marina Oswald!

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