Marquardt: Not a heroin junkie!

This is a collection of tweets from Ariel Helwani:

Here’s what Greg Sirb, the executive director of the PA commission, said regarding Nate Marquardt: “Nate failed the medical requirements for the fight and was put on suspension by the PA athletic commission until he provides a medical report showing that he’s satisfied those requirements. He was given every opportunity to meet the requirements up until Saturday at 3 pm. The Athletic commission is not free to disclose what requirements he failed to meet. The suspension is indefinite. As soon as Marquardt can provide what they are looking for, he will not be suspended anymore.” Of course, I tried to ask multiple times why he failed the test, but Sirb said that was all he was going to discuss and the rest is up to [Nate Marquardt].

So, while the jury is still out on whether Nate did something horrible, this is looking more and more like Nate (not surprisingly) wasn’t shooting heroin, and Dana White is just taking an ego trip. Clearly, Nate screwed up, but failing to satisfy the athletic commission is a “first offense” as far as I know, and it’s probably not grounded in a serious criminal offense, so Dana’s reaction seems to be an overreaction. The fact that the UFC on Versus 4 card has fallen to pieces is due to a lot more than just the Nate-issue. Anthony Johnson pulled out of the main event, and there have been a few other last second (or close to last second) drop outs. Dana needs to lighten up.

As for why Nate failed, I refer you to this tweet from Matthew Baron, which is right on point.

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