WTF? Nate Marquardt will be released from the UFC!

Posted: June 26, 2011 in MMA
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What did he do?!?!

I know I’m jumping the gun here, because we have so little facts, but a disappointing turn of events has turned into a shocking turn of events. Nate Marquardt became a last minute scratch from the UFC on Versus card tomorrow night. Dana White posted a video via Twitter announcing that Marquardt “failed his physicals.” Notice that he didn’t say that this was an injury, and notice that he announced that Marquardt is going to be released from the UFC.

Granted, this could be Dana simply angry because this was so last minute, but an all-too-common training injury isn’t a good reason to release someone, last second or not. You release people because of things that are under their control and not part of the sport of fighting. You also give people a second chance unless the offense is so great that a second chance would be a wasted effort.

So, what’s “medical” in nature, not an injury, and represents such horrible behavior that a second chance is unwarranted even to a well-established championship contender? My only guess: A serious drug offense like cocaine. This is purely speculation on my part. I do so only to point out that either 1) Nate really screwed up by doing something horribly irresponsible, or 2) Dana’s really screwed up by letting his ego run the business. We’ll find out as more tomorrow at 4pm.

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  1. […] Nate Marquardt was released for the same offense of which Chael Sonnen and Sean Sherk were accused (my first post | my follow-up post | my Vlog; start at 1:00 mark), yet only Nate was released, whereas White […]

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