For a Professional Fighter, Kenny Florian Surprisingly Can’t Handle *Any* Conflict

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Fandom, MMA
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Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned.

When the going gets tough, the weak just go.

When the going gets tough, the weak just go.

I recently discovered that UFC fighter Kenny Florian blocked my account on Twitter. This was our last Twitter exchange in regard to a fight at the UFC on Versus 4 card (my analysis) in which Charles Oliveira won a fight after an illegal knee to the head of Nick Lentz. Almost immediately after the illegal knee, Oliveria got the submission win. The fight has since been declared a no-contest, though Oliveira is appealing that decision.

Kenny said:

“For people saying Oliveira would’ve won, how do u predict that? What’s fair is fair. Lentz took a nasty illegal knee that is very dangerous.”

My Response:

“Not mutually exclusive. Oliveira was destroying Lentz, so the prediction is fair. Still, rules should be enforced. No conflict.”

WTF? Was I out of line? That’s an awfully wimpy basis for blocking an account. It’s not as if I ever reference the guy on Twitter. I have made picks on his fights, but I generally pick for him. On the other hand, I have accused him of choking in fights where there was something significant on the line, but who hasn’t? Really. Name me one person that’s ever commented on Kenny’s career but hasn’t mentioned his inability to follow through in the fights that really matter? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Besides, blocking me on that basis would do little to curb the notion that Kenny has limits on how much conflict he can take, and instead confirms the correctness of my view. It also cuts against the UFC’s recent efforts for UFC fighters to connect to the fan base through social media. You have to take the good with the bad. If he doesn’t like the bad, he can stop reading my obscure little blog, or he can start winning #1 contender and championship fights. That’ll shut us all up. Blocking me won’t even shut me up or suppress my views from the public.

In the mean time . . . .


Stay classy, Kenny.

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