UFC 132: Electric Stupiloo Postmortem (Stupid Predictions™)

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Journalism, Judo, MMA
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Holy crap, my main card picks sucked! Of course, my obscure picks were clearly overshadowed by another fantastic card, but that in turn was overshadowed by the promotion of Justin Beiber’s presence at the card. I wouldn’t deny him a ticket, but clearly he shouldn’t be the focus of the cameras. He doesn’t appeal to the target demographic. I hate to beat a dead horse, but he looks ridiculous in his baseball cap that’s bigger than his entire upper body.

Let’s go through the data.

Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber (UFC Bantamweight Championship)
This was a close fight. The one judge that scored it 50-45 Cruz should be taken out back and shot. That being said, I find it interesting that people on Twitter were announcing their scores, and even when those scores agreed, the rounds the awarded to each fighter differed, and the opinions on those rounds were strong. This shows that judges aren’t the only ones that can’t seem to grasp the judging criteria. Either way, I lost this one.

MMADork: 0-1
Jason Probst: 0-1
Kenny Florian: 1-0
Franklin McNeil: 1-0
Chad Dundas: 1-0
Josh Gross: 1-0
Chuck Mindenhall: 1-0
Brett Okamoto: 1-0

Wanderlei Silva vs. Chris Leben


A true champion in this sport.

This was embarrassing. Wanderlai set up a Thai clinch but didn’t initiate the knees until it was too late. As I said here, though, you have to respect Wanderlai Silva as a fighter, and not just for past accomplishments. He was looking around the arena and smiling while waiting for the ref to start the fight. He seems so happy to be fighting, and that (along with his talent, of course) has provided us, the fans, with years of great battles. Despite the beating, he deserves respect, and he has it from me. As this might be the last time we see him fight in the UFC, I now say thanks, Wanderlai. You were one of the good ones.

MMADork: 1-1
Jason Probst: 0-2
Kenny Florian: 2-0
Franklin McNeil: 2-0
Chad Dundas: 2-0
Josh Gross: 1-1
Chuck Mindenhall: 1-1
Brett Okamoto: 2-0

Tito Ortiz vs. Ryan Bader
What? I usually root for the young guy over the older guy, even if I don’t like the young guy, because I have a longer term view than most fans. An old guy beating the young guy isn’t good for the sport. It’s much better if the young guy continues to learn and to build confidence. Still, I found myself cheering when Tito won this one. It was so impressive, and it gave everyone on the following list a loss. In our faces!

MMADork: 1-2
Jason Probst: 0-3
Kenny Florian: 2-1
Franklin McNeil: 2-1
Chad Dundas: 2-1
Josh Gross: 1-2
Chuck Mindenhall: 1-2
Brett Okamoto: 2-1

Carlos Condit vs. Dong Hyun Kim
As I warned, this was an emotional pick for me, as I never pick against the judo guy. Still, a loss is a loss.

MMADork: 1-3
Jason Probst: 0-4
Kenny Florian: 3-1
Franklin McNeil: 3-1
Chad Dundas: 3-1
Josh Gross: 2-2
Chuck Mindenhall: 2-2
Brett Okamoto: 3-1

Matt Wiman vs. Dennis Siver
Ummmmm, I’m going to take my win on this and run away without showing off. I need to stay under the radar, because Siver really didn’t deserve this decision. However, I’m glad I can finally give Jason a win. 🙂

MMADork: 2-3
Jason Probst: 1-4
Franklin McNeil: 4-1
Chad Dundas: 3-2
Josh Gross: 3-2
Chuck Mindenhall: 2-3
Brett Okamoto: 4-1

So, for the main card, I’m looking pretty bad (40%), but it could be worse. I could be at (20%). 🙂 Don’t worry though, Jason, it could be even worse than that. We could be too cowardly to pick the prelims. 🙂

Melvin Guillard vs. Shane Roller
Melvin is really a different fighter under Greg Jackson.

MMADork says Melvin has improved under Greg Jackson.

MMADork: 3-3
Jason Probst: 2-4

Rafael dos Anjos vs. George Sotiropoulos
George really disappointed me on this one. I can take another loss, but not when it’s as ridiculous as that. Franklin McNeil admitted that he would have picked George. For that remarkable honesty, he gets a loss. Sorry, dude, but in giving you the loss, it winds up giving us the same win-loss percentage for the entire card, so I have to do it.

MMADork: 3-4
Jason Probst: 2-5
Franklin McNeil: 4-2

Brian Bowles vs. Takeya Mizugaki
This was closer than I expected, but Brian fought through a broken hand and won it. It shows once again, however, how stupid picks are. That broken hand could have cost him the fight, and no one can predict that.

Wait a sec. This is Brain Bowles we’re talking about. Okay, maybe we could have predicted Brian would have broken his hand, but my point stands.

MMADork: 4-3
Jason Probst: 3-5

Brad Tavares vs. Aaron Simpson
This went exactly as we all expected.

MMADork: 5-3
Jason Probst: 4-5

Andre Winner vs. Anthony Njokuani
This fight played out exactly as I predicted it would: Anthony showed me that the WEC fighters are still minor league, but they’d receive undeserved vindication from a victory nonetheless. It also showed that I’m right about Andre. Anthony showed great striking technique, but crappy power. Any deserving UFC fighter would have put Andre away in the first round. Andre is in the UFC not because he’s deserving but because Dana White is trying to improve his base in the English market. Anthony has some serious work to do if he doesn’t want to get embarrassed in his next fight, which will probably be against legitimate UFC talent. I have nothing against Anthony, so I hope he doesn’t get embarrassed.

MMADork: 6-3
Jason Probst: 5-5

Donny Walker vs. Jeff Hougland
I didn’t pick this fight, but Jason clearly knew something about Hougland, and it brings him to a winning record for the night. Good pick, Jason.

MMADork: 6-3
Jason Probst: 6-5

So, in the end, I once again beat the only guy with the guts to make picks on the undercard, and my total record has improved from ~59% to ~70% (33-14). My main card percentage, however, has taken a drop from ~71% to ~68% (15-7). Judo will be my undoing. Still, for now . . . .


I win!

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