Chad Dukes Needs Some Counseling

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Fandom, Journalism
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Chad Dukes

This story has a follow-up. Please read this in the proper context by referencing this story.

First, it was Kenny Florian, and now it’s Chad Dukes.

Chad Dukes of 106.7 the Fan in Washington, DC recently started a thread on Facebook complaining that Google+ sucked. I responded by linking to a story that shows that Google+ will soon be updated to account for user feedback. We all know that Facebook has a reputation for making changes and in the process pissing off users. I’m sure you’ve all been invited to join groups named something to the effect of, “Tell Facebook we want our [fill in the blank] back!” I politely pointed this out and asked everyone not to rush to judgment. Chad responded very rudely to say the least, making fun of my allegedly southern name, calling me a racist, and referring to me by one of the “seven deadly words” (i.e., a word you can’t say on television).

I certainly don’t care if he disagrees with me; he should use whatever social media platform he wants. I also don’t care that he littered his communications with a “civil war era” theme that makes no sense. (None of my names have origins in the Deep South.) I just don’t see how my words inspired someone to react with so much hostility. Because I’m blocked, I can’t pull up my post and quote it here, but I don’t think I’m leaving out any important details, and I certainly wasn’t intending to be confrontational, but rather helpful. I was pointing out that it was easily possible that everything they didn’t like about Google+ might be going away. Moreover, I pointed out that this was a direct result of user feedback, meaning that if they don’t like something, Google + will listen to them.


You’re welcome, Chad.

On top of all of that, Chad is a public figure, and his behavior in this regard is just plain reckless to his own financial future. I’m not the kind of guy that demands we boycott companies or people because of their political views, etc., so I’m not calling for anything like that. (It is impossible, however, for me personally to give him another second of my listening time on my weekday drive home.) His problem, though, is that there are plenty of other people who do call for boycotts, and if he treats me that way, he probably treats them that way, too. Even worse, those that remain unblocked can see what he’s done, and depending on what he’s now posting to his own wall about me, or even just what he’s failed to delete from his wall, they can see how irrational he was. This sort of overreaction can’t possibly be good for business. At least Florian had the good sense to block me silently and move on with his life. Not everyone can be a genius, though.

I’m very happy no longer to be associated with the guy even in such a superficial way as a “Facebook friend,” so I’m not looking to get unblocked and I won’t miss his posts or his radio show. (In fact, after posting this, I’m blocking him from my Twitter accounts.) I’m sorry I ever listened to his radio show in the first place, as he clearly is a low class person completely undeserving of my further attention. He, on the other hand, better not treat too many people like this. He’s bound to lose a listener every time he does, and I doubt he has many marketable skills on which to rely if he’s fired.

As always, form your own opinions.

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  1. Chad Dukes is a douche bag.

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