UFC Live 5 on Versus Postmortem

Posted: August 15, 2011 in MMA
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I love Chris Lytle, but Miller-Henderson should have been the main event.

My picks took a bigger beating tonight than Oleg Taktarov took against Dan Severn back at UFC 5. I went 1-3 in the main card, and 3-4 in the preliminary card. Now I’m 44-25 (64%) overall, and 20-11 (64%) in main cards. On the flip side, Probst went 3-1 in the main card and 5-2 in the preliminary card. Boy do I feel stupid.


Duane Ludwig def. Amir Sadollah

Duane just manhandled Amir. The first round was brutal. The second round, not so much, but still a solid round for Ludwig. Amir went into the third round desperate. He knew he wasn’t going to get the KO, so he resorted to takedown attempts, which pretty much failed, and Ludwig’s takedown with 30 seconds to go nullified what little Amir won on that point. Still I gave Amir the third round, but even if you agree, it was too little, too late. The only good thing for Amir was that he followed corner instruction, but it wasn’t enough to overcome a superior fighter.

Donald Cerrone def. Charles Oliveira

I couldn’t have been more disappointed by this outcome. I really though Oliveira was the future of the division, but the Cowboy exposed quite a large hole in Charles’s game.

Jim Miller vs. Benson Henderson

I gave Jim Miller round 1. Many disagreed. Who cares? Whether it’s 30-27 or 29-28, Bendo beat Jim into a fine powder mixed with blood. It’s one thing to have picked Bendo in this fight. That’s reasonable. Did anyone expect this bad a beating, though? I doubt it. Still, I have to ask, why the hell wasn’t this the main event? WTF?

I’d like to see Bendo take on Melvin Guilliard to determine who gets the winner of Edgar-Maynard III.

Chris Lytle v. Dan Hardy

We’ve had a lot of retirements lately. Chris Lytle is the latest one. I have no problem with a changing of the guard, and I’m glad Chris is going out on his own terms. I wish Chris Lytle well in the next chapter of his life.

Now, can we please fire Dan Hardy? Please?


Edwin Figueroa def. Jason Reinhardt


I guess I know who Figueroa is now. Solid victory. The most memorable part of the fight was after it had ended. Reinhardt just laying there spewing a profanity repeatedly because he had been beaten. That’s not the image a fighter wants to establish for himself, but I doubt he was thinking long term at that point.

Jacob Volkmann def. Danny Castillo

Volkmann needs to learn a new move. He’s good enough on the ground to work well with transitions, yet he stuck with the d’arce choke. It got him the judges’ nod, but against a better fighter, that kind of tunnel vision could have cost him the win. He’s also not endearing himself to Dana White by not finishing. If he’s ever on the cusp of being cut, the benefit of the doubt might go towards cutting him.

Cole Miller def. T.J. O’Brien

Stick with what you know, Cole.

Funny thing. Miller throws a front kick early in the fight with his toes pointed forward. I’m thinking to myself, “That’s a ridiculous mistake made only by striking newbies. He’s gonna jam, or even break, his toes if he doesn’t learn to kick well. And he’s a pro?!?!” Next thing you know, T. J. O’Brien hurts himself by throwing a kick. This isn’t really a criticism of either fighter. It’s just a reminder of how difficult it is to be a truly well-rounded fighter. Grapplers are grapplers, and strikers are strikers. The good habits you develop in one are bad habits in the other. The result is that there are always holes in anyone’s game. See my article, Machida’s Unsovability, for a detailed analysis.

Jim Hettes def. Alex Caceres

Win or lose, this guy is happy to be fighting.

It’s obvious that the UFC really wants Caceres to succeed. He’s eccentric, but not in a weird way like Diego Sanchez. He’s more funny, and probably even cute (though that will go away when he gets a older). From a personal perspective, I love when a fighter fights because he loves it. Clearly, Alex falls into that category, having a big grin on his face even after defeat. He’s very appreciative of the job he has, and you have to respect that. If he had Diego’s talent, the UFC would have a huge draw on their hands and a replacement for that headcase. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have that kind of talent. He recklessly placed himself in several dangerous positions. He would have lost round 2 soundly if he hadn’t lost by choke.

Ronny Markes def. Karlos Vemola

I’m scared of both of these guys. They look tough. My personal fears aside, for a “Czech wrestling champ,” Vemola sure had a hard time staying off his back. This was a fairly boring fight, but it was a smart fight for Markes, so I don’t boo (like the idiotic redneck fans do). Markes did what he needed to win.

Ed Herman def. Kyle Noke

F-ing ouch!!!

Kyle Noke walked into “Down Under” by Men at Work. Not particularly intimidating, but then again, I always said, if I ever had a pro bout, I’d enter to “Raindrops Keep Falling on Your Head” just to screw with everyone.

Moving on . . . .

Damn. Ed Herman is a completely different fighter. This was an impressive performance, and one I didn’t expect from him. The transitions were amazing, shifting from one attack to another. I’m certainly no jiu-jitsu expert, but one thing I was always taught (Volkmann apparently wasn’t taught this) is not to hold onto one move for too long. If you don’t have it, move on to the next move. Ed did that, and it paid off. That was a fight worth watching.

Joseph Benavidez def. Eddie Wineland

This was an exciting fight, and I guess Jason was right in his pick. This was a clear-cut decision victory for Benavidez. He simply out-classed Eddie.

Jared Hamman def. C.B. Dollaway

CB is handed a gift of a fight because of his association with favorite son Ryan Bader, yet he still loses. Fire him now. Hamman is now 2-2. Let’s see how he does in his next fight. He might be legitimately improving.

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