Dana White Masterminds a New TV Deal for the UFC with Fox Networks

Posted: August 21, 2011 in MMA
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Mmmmmmm, delicious

Okay, I have to eat a little crow. By now, you must know that the UFC has signed a 7-year television agreement with Fox networks. This is no small deal. It’s long term, and it involves several Fox channels. This occurred in no small part because of Dana White’s efforts — I’m guessing he spearheaded the deal — and this flies in the face of my past concerns about Dana (Part I | Part II).

Fox is known for crass and/or stupid entertainment. By no means am I personally above watching such television, but it shows that Fox will sometimes take the shows that others might avoid. Nevertheless, Fox is network television; it’s the big time, and I can’t and won’t take that away from Dana. Well-played, sir.

I will say, however, that until I see videotape and hear audiotape of every single conversation Dana has had with all interested parties, I refuse to believe that this deal didn’t depend on Dana’s willingness to control himself. (In fact, even if I did have access to these non-existent materials and they showed no such requirement, I’d insist they were hiding something.) Unless I see the contract, I refuse to believe there isn’t some sort of clause in there that voids or severely alters the deal if Dana blows a gasket.

This is a great development for any fan of mixed martial arts. I hope Dana doesn’t blow it. He’s certainly capable of having intelligent, informative discussions. He needs to do that even when someone says something he doesn’t like.


Stranger things have happened.


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