The Maryland Terrapins’ New Football Uniforms: You Be the Judge Unless You’re Epileptic

Posted: September 6, 2011 in College Sports, Football
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Tonight was the unveiling of the Maryland Terrapin’s new football uniforms. Before you go any further, please note that epileptics should not look at these uniforms. I’m not epileptic and yet am teetering on the edge of a seizure. Here you go:

No, really; this is one uniform from different angles!

As an alumnus of the University of Maryland (1992, B.S. Physics), this has a special place in my heart. By that I mean it’s like a cholesterol clot or aortal tear. I’m not a fan of comic books, but I instantly thought of this when I saw the uniforms:


Also of note is that this is what I looked like when I first saw the uniform.

Okay, it actually took more than an instant. Instantly, I was confused. I thought my mind was playing tricks on itself. It appeared to be an optical illusion, but once I realized what I was seeing, Harvey Dent came to mind.

Obviously, I’m much more concerned with the performance of the team, and they’re currently up 7-0 against Miami in their season opener, though it feels like Maryland is going to run away with this game. (I should probably wait until the end of the game before posting this, but I won’t.) That’s all well and good, but I have to ask Maryland Athletics:

If this isn't animated, click me to get the joke.

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