The Ultimate Fighter, Season 14: Episode 1 Postmortem

Posted: September 22, 2011 in MMA
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Mayhem Looks Nuts

Some Starting Observations

First observation: Fight of the Series and Knockout/Submission of the Series awards of $25,000 each. This should have the same effect on the show that it has on the fight cards. Will it eliminate boring fights? No, but it’ll discourage them.

Second observation: Two brothers, Josh and B.J. Ferguson, were on the same show in the same division. That shows how silly it is that some fighters won’t fight their friends.

The Fights: What We’re Here For

Josh Ferguson v. Some Guy: The first fight involved brother Josh against a guy who looked like he was 13 years old, but he referenced his kid. When did he have a kid? When he was 6 years old? Anyway, the guy embarrassed his kid by losing in under 30 seconds. The first Furguson brother makes it in.

Brazilian v. Albino: The second fight had a Brazilian against an albino (I didn’t catch the names). This was the second fight in a row that was a KO/TKO. Who said bantamweights didn’t have knockout power. Actually, I did. Maybe those fight bonuses changed everything.

John Dodson v. Brandon Merkt: Brandon threw a lot of not-so-near misses, wasting a lot of energy and showing he didn’t have a sense of distancing. Dodson capitalized, but remained patient. The liver punch was only a matter of time, and it was the beginning of the end for Merkt. Three fights, three stoppages on strikes.

Do you have a degree in psychology? Philosophy? No? Than shut up, asshole.

Dennis Bermudez v. Jimmie Rivera: Dennis had quite the sob story, being deceived into giving up his fight career to raise someone else’s child for two years, but that shows that he’s an idiot. I was surprised by the turnaround because Jimmie was winning that fight. The worst thing about the fight, though, wasn’t that the idiot won. It was when some other idiot in one fighter’s corner said, “Take him out of the conscious thought.” Nice philosophy, moron. You’re not helping.

B.J. Ferguson v. Roland Delorme: B.J. took a shot to the groin and completely ignored it. He showed toughness, but he lost cleanly in the first round, so a lot of good it did him.

Commercial Time!: What new movie would interest new fight fans? How about a movie about boxing robots? No, thank you.

Marcus Brimage v. Didn’t Catch His Name: Marcus was explosive! (That’s an inside joke for radio show listeners.) The difference in the fight? Marcus landed an illegal knee to the head of his downed opponent that Mazagatti (unsurprisingly) missed. The other fighter looked to Mazagatti to pause the fight, and Marcus took full advantage, starting a barrage that didn’t end until the bell rang. The other guy didn’t have enough time between rounds to recover, and the barrage simply continued until finally Mazagatti decided to step in. It completely changed the fight, but the production team didn’t point it out. Marcus didn’t deserve to win.

Something occurred to me while watching the next fight. How can they possible keep it secret as to who wins in these “fight to get into the house” fights if the 16 losers go home immediately? Is it not public knowledge because people don’t care, and thus don’t talk about it? Considering one of the fighters in this next fight has a famous brother, I imagine it would be discussed.

Carson Beebe v. Johnny Bedford: So much for celebrity. You’re not your brother, Carson.

Dustin Pague v. Some Japanese Guy: A spinning backfist! Superb! An upkick from the back! Fantastic! A very good striking battle, and Dustin showed some decent guard work. This is another fight in which you don’t want the loser to be left out of the house. They both showed technique, heart, and a good chin.

Paul McVeigh (I hope no relation to Timothy) v. Louis Gaudinot: Call me conservative, but I hate when people dye their hair some stupid color like neon green. Paul agreed with me. However, Paul had an equally stupid hairstyle based on his hair cut. He looks like a 3-year-old cut his hair. I hope neither of these guys get in, and instead the Japanese guy gets in. However, it looks like it was a really good fight, and Louis is probably deserving. Damn it.

Like the last fight, the next couple of fights were just highlights accompanied by commentary from Dana White, Mayhem Miller, and Michael Bisping. Considering they all missed Marcus’s illegal knee, I couldn’t care less what they thought.

“T.J.” Dillashaw v. Dude #2: We then moved to another fight, but because I wasn’t expecting the entire fight, I missed the names at the beginning. Another low blow completely ignored by the recipient.

Steven Siler v. Micah Miller: Here’s another celebrity brother. Cole Miller’s older brother is on the show, and he’s just as arrogant as Cole. Unlike Cole, I don’t have enough reason to like him. Moving on . . . . He lost. Hooray!!! This is the second celebrity’s brother to lose. Maybe it isn’t “who you know” after all.

Now we’re back to highlights. My only comment is this: There were so many good fights that they had to give us just highlights for what were apparently good fights.


My overall impression is that my (stupid) prediction about the season was correct. Because the featherweight and bantamweight divisions are relatively undeveloped in the UFC, and because the UFC wants to showcase those new divisions, you can expect that they’ve stacked the show with better talent that what we’ve seen lately. It looks like they’ve succeeded, and that speaks well for the UFC’s marketing push. Granted, there were some unfortunate match ups between two fighters that didn’t belong in the house, leaving deserving fighters to be labeled losers and left out of the house, but there’s nothing you can do about that. Hopefully, some of the “losers” will be given a second chance, either on the show or with the promotion at a later date.

The Verdict

They’ve won me over . . . for now. I’ll be watching next week.

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