Dana, You’re So Crazy, Part III

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Fandom, MMA
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As I’ve said before (Part I | Part II), Dana White needs to start fading to the background. His attitude won’t play well with the mainstream. At last night’s UFC on FOX Post-fight Press Conference, White gave me more ammunition for my argument.

Starting at about 5 minutes to the video, White fielded a question about why only one fight appeared on the UF1 card. His explanation made a lot of sense. UF1 wasn’t part of the Fox deal, which actually doesn’t start until January, 2012. Fox proposed this fight as an introduction of the new relationship to potential viewers, just to generate some good buzz. Zuffa made a full card of it – how else could you justify charging people to attend the event? – and they did a very good job, giving us several fights that were broadcast-worthy, and one fight (Henderson-Guida) that was main event-worthy.

Here’s the problem: No one knew this. Everyone thought that this was the first fight card on this deal. As a result, people were puzzled that there was a full fight card but only one televised fight. You can understand the confusion, right? Well, apparently White can’t. Even though he didn’t publicize this explanation very well, White was clearly angry that people would question the decision to have a single televised fight for a regular, 10-fight card. Here was his response to his own fan base:

For anybody to bitch about this fight, and they didn’t get to see this fight, that’s . . . Shut up! You should have bought tickets then if you wanted to see all the fights and you didn’t want to watch it on Facebook. Seriously, shut up!

God, I hate you people. By the way, tickets for the next event are on sale!

Fortunately, not many in the mainstream watch the post-fight press conferences, so this particular instance won’t have any ramifications. However, it’s only a matter of time before White directly insults his viewers. His presence in the broadcast booth, while completely appropriate this time considering it was White more than anyone else that made last night possible, has already left new viewers scratching their heads. He’s also not doing himself any favors in how he characterizes his main event fighters. Regardless of how well Zuffa could practice damage control, wouldn’t it be better if this inevitable incident simply didn’t take place? White is simply not the right guy to serve as the mouthpiece for this sport now that it’s in the mainstream. (For that matter, neither is Mike Goldberg. I hope Jon Anik replaces him.)

Congratulations Dana. Your hard work has paid off. You’ve done a great thing, and we’re all appreciative of that. So please, don’t blow it. Step aside and let someone else do the talking.

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