Stupid Predictions™ Postmortem for UFC 141

Posted: December 31, 2011 in MMA, UFC
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Overall, just as good of a card as I expected.

Brock Lesnar v. Alistair Overeem

This is what I said:

Overeem is better at defending the takedown than Brock is at defending the punch to the face. That is, the first time Lesnar shoots, Overeem might escape, but the first time Lesnar is hit, Overeem will overwhelm him. Overeem by 1st-round KO/TKO

That about sums it up.

As for Brock’s retirement, it’s a good thing. He’s had some serious health issues, and I don’t want to see this sport ruin his life. I offer sincere thanks to Brock for what he did in his short time in the Octagon. It’s been entertaining.

Donald Cerrone v. Nate Diaz

I finally pick Cerrone, and now he loses. So frustrating. I was one of the few that gave Cerrone round 2. In round 2, he got the sweep going, and in that narrow regard was embarrassing Diaz. He won effective striking. He also won Octagon control because, despite Diaz’s best efforts, Cerrone kept the fight on the feet. Effective grappling was irrelevant because there was none, and effective aggressiveness was something of a wash. This was, after all, the favorite for Fight of the Night. That doesn’t happen unless both fighters are bringing the heat.

Jon Fitch v. Johny Hendricks

Dana White is probably very happy tonight. He doesn’t have to listen to Fitch’s requests for a title fight anytime soon.

Dong Hyun Kim v. Sean Pierson

During this fight, Joe Rogan revealed that he learned what I’ve been saying for some time about how ancient techniques are brought into the Octagon and overwhelming to fighters as if they’re new. (See my first interview on Fight Fans Radio for my earliest public discussion on the matter. It was the second week the show was on the air.) Thanks for getting on board, Joe. It’s about time.

Jacob Volkmann v. Efrain Escudero

Okay, there was a fight. Moving on….

That had to be the most awkward post-fight speech ever. Two things, Jacob. First, have someone write new material for you. Second, please leave politics out of this sport. This isn’t a matter of your substantive viewpoint. I get mad when Rogan does it as well, and he seems to be on the opposite side from you. I just want to watch some fights. If you insist on being political, keep it out of the fight cards. Note well, though, that you’re taking a big risk making political statements at all. People will threaten your sponsors if they find out you disagree with them politically. This country has gone “boycott happy.”

Gina Carano

There’s nothing better than a drunk hottie. I guess that’s all she is now.

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