Bowling Is Not a Real Sport

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Fandom

As a follow up to my previous post, When is a Sport Really a Sport, I offer you evidence that bowling is not. Bowling already fails the “Big Mac Test” and now suggests a new test: the “Requires All Four Limbs Test,” or something like that. (Edit: It’s been pointed out to me by @ElFodder that “Muderball” is a fairly brutal and athletic game of rugby played by disabled people in wheelchairs, and I opined that paraplegic swimming must be tougher than able-bodied swimming, so this test clearly wouldn’t work. It was just an idea off the top of my head.)

Do I feel bad about making my point at the expense of a guy with a serious health issue? Of course, I do. Moreover, it must be awkward bowling from a wheel chair. You can’t do a good wind up, especially if the chair has an armrest on it, and you can’t use your lower body for strength or leverage. What Mr. Beam did was impressive and newsworthy, and I hope he enjoys the notoriety, but winning a Nobel Prize in Physics is also impressive and newsworthy. Neither of these things are real sports, though, and we shouldn’t pretend they are in order not to hurt the feelings of guys when they fail to make the football team. If you really believe what they did was impressive, you shouldn’t need to give them credit they don’t deserve.

Bowling is not a sport.

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Hat Tip to my cousin, Tom, who pointed out the article to me but isn’t enough of a man to have a Twitter account.

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