Strikeforce Put on a Great Card Last Night

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Fandom, MMA, Strikeforce
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No kidding. Last night’s Strikeforce card was every bit as good as any UFC card I’ve seen, and this isn’t attempted as an insult against the UFC. As I often mentioned here and on my appearances on Fight Fans Radio, even UFC cards that on paper look like duds are almost always good cards. Truthfully, despite initial appearances, there are no bad UFC cards. Well, this was UFC-quality. We had drama, a “changing of the guard,” plenty of finishes, and two title fights. While some of these guys aren’t UFC-caliber, they certainly make for exciting match-ups against each other. Strikeforce is just getting better and better. Scott Coker should be proud of how he’s handled the merger with Zuffa.

Frank Shamrock and Mauro Ranallo should be replaced, though.

It should go without saying, but it’s good to say it from time to time. Thank you to the fighters for putting on a show at great risk to themselves. Yes, they get paid (now), and yes, most, if not all, of them love what they do. Nevertheless, they’re a necessary part of a sport we love, and they deserve our thanks.

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  1. […] Keep in mind that in order for a fighter to sue, he’ll have to prove they were the ones facing harm. The only fighters that could possibly claim that harm are the marquee fighters appearing on the list. If one of those fighters sued Zuffa (suing Strikeforce wouldn’t yield results), the UFC would fire them, forcing them into the minor leagues for all time. The cash reward the fighter received from the case (assuming they could win) probably wouldn’t be nearly as valuable as staying Zuffa’s good graces. If Saturday’s Strikeforce card is a sign of things to come, being in Strikeforce isn’t such a bad thing anyway. That card was awesome. […]

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