This Is Probably Why Miguel Torres Was Cut from the @UFC. Again.

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Journalism, MMA, UFC
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As you might know by now, Miguel Torres was cut from the UFC. Dave Metzler has been cited as saying the “cut was the result of a ‘similar mistake,'” which is in turn referencing the rape van tweet that got Torres cut in December. Well, it turns out, I was personally involved in this mess! Torres was probably cut for tweeting the following (I’m still awaiting confirmation that this was the reason):

I heard Planned Parenthood wants to sponsor John Jones giving seminars about the pull out method.

There were a couple of retweets, including one (linked above) from Joseph Sandoval, a professional fighter, which lends credibility to the fact that the UFC saw it despite it’s later deletion from Torres’s tweet stream. I can’t believe that trained journalists have been unable to uncover this bit of information. It’s been published to Twitter. On second thought, I can believe it.

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