#Maryland #Terps Men’s #Lacrosse Disappoints. Again. CC: @MarylandMLax @qstor2

Posted: May 12, 2013 in College Sports, Lacrosse
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Despite attending the University of Maryland and following lacrosse for the past 10 years, I had never attended a lacrosse game at Byrd Stadium. That changed this weekend, and while I’m always happy to revisit the campus and hang out with a friend (Mike), the experience was very disappointing. Cornell beat the Terps 16-8. I’d say Maryland dropped the ball, but they couldn’t even pick up the damn thing.

For a few weeks, the Terps were the #1 team in the country. When the NCAA brackets were released, fans of the other teams were complaining that they’d have to face Maryland earlier rather than later. I responded by pointing out that 1) this Terps team has consistently underachieved all season, with even their wins sometimes being lackluster; and 2) lacrosse is one of those sports where the team that gets hot in the playoffs is unbeatable, so who you face, and when, isn’t as big of a deal.

But I digress…

I left the stadium with 5 minutes left in the game, but as far as I remember, MD had won only two face offs in the 3+ quarters I watched. There was a maddening number of plays where a Terp, all by himself, couldn’t pick up the ball with his stick. He’d play with it like a cat playing with a ball of yarn, swatting at it with seemingly no goal in mind. Before you knew it at least two Cornell players descended on the fiasco. One of them would easily scoop up the ball as if they were a college-level lacrosse player and take the ball the other way.

Seriously, it was as bad as I described it. It was embarrassing for a team that was supposedly the team you had to beat to win the championship this year, especially in light of the fact that Cornell does not look like a team that’s destined to win it all. It was sloppy and uninspiring, and there was rarely any hustle by the Terps when it really counted. Of course, I know I couldn’t do any better, but I’m not a college lacrosse player, so that’s irrelevant. Maryland had to be the most overrated team in lacrosse this year, and they should have to live with that.

Oh, well. Maybe the Caps will close out the Rangers tonight. Edit: Crap.

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