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January 13, 1978: My father, a life-long New York Rangers fan, takes me to my first hockey game at the Capital Centre in Landover, MD. It was the Washington Capitals’ fourth season, and the game was a 2-2 tie against the Minnesota North Stars. I was fascinated by the concept of a tie and using points to determine standings. I also converted from being a Rangers fan by default to rooting for my hometown Capitals, which is something I’ve done ever since (and should have done in the first place).

It was either this faded trainwreck or my teal jersey I wore to game 3 of the 1997-98 Stanley Cup finals.

I’ve been pissed off more times than I can count by both the franchise (pick your playoff meltdown), and the league in general (e.g., their disgusting treatment of John Scott— yes, I’m aware that it worked out in the end due to fan pressure), but I’m going to game 2 tonight. I’ll be wearing my Caps jersey from the late 80s. No, the #19 is not for Backstrom. It’s for John Druce, our playoff hero, who got us into our first conference finals. I’m not a fair-weather fan brought to the team when we drafted Ovechkin.

But I do like Backstrom.


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Okay, so here are my picks for tonight:

Makdessi v. Patrick

I love Makdessi, but for once I’m ignoring my heart. Patrick by decision.

Varner v. Trujillo

Varner has his moments. Something tells me tonight will be one. Varner by KO/TKO.

Mir v. Overeem

This is a question of who will underachieve the least. If Mir would stop trying to be a boxer, I’d have him all the way, but he just doesn’t get it. Overeem by KO/TKO.

Aldo v. Lamas

The past few months have reminded us that no one is unbeatable, but I have trouble believing Lamas will be the one to finally (recently) solve Aldo. Aldo by decision.

Barao v. Faber

This is a championship match, so the seemingly unstoppable Faber will choke again. It’s not that it won’t be a good fight, mind you. It will, but Barao will win. Barao by decision.

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So, my last published picks were embarrassing, but I went 4 for 5 on the last card. I regretted my decision not to publish what would have been redeeming,  and I’m on a mission to get Mike Wise to start writing about MMA, so I’m back at it. Unfortunately, I’m on my phone, so no formatting, pretty pictures, or links to sources. I’m just giving picks for the fights I’m willing to pick. We’ll settle up later.

Story – Once a contender. Tonight, I think he’ll be good enough.
Herman – He’ll get back on track (or lose his job).
Cerrone – He’ll also get back on track.
Koscheck – Hate him, but he’ll win after faking an eye poke.
McDonald – Well, duh.
Sonnen – I’d pick him to beat Muhammad Ali. I can’t pick against him.
GSP – No title is safe, but I’ll believe it when I see it.