Stupid #Predictions Lite: What the Hell? I Have Some Time. #UFC156 #MMA

Posted: February 2, 2013 in MMA, UFC
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I have a little bit of time on my hands, so here are some quick hits.

Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar

Aldo fades in the championship rounds, and Edgar takes over. Edgar by decision or possible 5th round TKO/KO.

Rashad Evans vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Rashad destroys Little Nog in embarrassing fashion. Seriously, why even sign this fight? Rashad by 2nd round TKO/KO after a brutal 1st round.

Alistair Overeem vs. Antonio Silva

Overeem by overhand … right … on the kisser. It’s a big target; hard to miss. Hey-yoo! Seriously, this is a 1st round KO. Silva was lucky to beat Travis Browne. He certainly isn’t in Overeem’s category.

Jon Fitch vs. Demian Maia

I love Demian Maia, but I can’t seriously pick him to beat the guy who just knows how to win in the UFC. If Fitch’s fight against Eric Silva wasn’t a fluke and represents the “new and improved” Jon Fitch, then it could actually be exciting. More likely, however, is Fitch grinding out a boring decision.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Ian McCall

Well, who else is either guy going to fight? There are only five people in the entire division. Benevidez by decision.

Evan Dunham vs. Gleison Tibau

I like both these guys. Dunham has been disappointing lately, but Tibau never finishes anyone. I’m going with Dunham. He’ll be able to keep separation from Tibau and pick him apart. It will take a while, though. Dunham by decision or 3rd round KO/TKO. More than likely, a decision.

Tyron Woodley vs. Jay Hieron

Hieron, I guess. Let’s say by decision.

Jacob Volkmann vs. Bobby Green

Volkman will put Green to sleep … with a political rant. Then he’ll beat him by 2nd round submission.

No picks on the remaining three fights.

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